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PVS: A Prototype Verification System
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Formal Verification for Fault-Tolerant Architectures: Prolegomena to the Design of PVS
PVS is the most recent in a series of verification systems developed at SRI. Expand
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PVS: Combining Specification, Proof Checking, and Model Checking
PVS (Prototype Verification System) is an environment for constructing clear and precise specifications and for developing readable proofs that have been mechanically verified. Expand
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Decision Problems for Propositional Linear Logic
In this paper we show that unlike most other propositional (quantifier-free) logics, full propositional linear logic is undecidable. Expand
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The SAL Language Manual
SAL stands for Symbolic Analysis Laboratory. It is a framework for combining different tools for abstraction, program analysis, theorem proving, and model checking toward the calculation ofExpand
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A Tutorial Introduction to PVS
This document provides an introductory example, a tutorial, and a compact reference to the PVS veri cation system. Expand
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ICS: Integrated Canonizer and Solver
Decision procedures are at the core of many industrial-strength verification systems such as ACL2 [KM97], PVS [ORS92], or STeP [MtSg96]. Expand
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Sal 2
SAL 2 augments the specification language and explicit-state model checker of SAL 1 with high-performance symbolic and bounded model checkers, and with novel infinite bounded and witnessmodel checkers. Expand
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Abstract and Model Check While You Prove
We show how boolean abstractions can be constructed simply, efficiently, and precisely for infinite state systems while preserving properties in the full µ-calculus. Expand
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An Overview of SAL
We propose an intermediate language, developed in collaboration with Stanford, Berkeley, and Verimag for specifying concurrent systems in a compositional way. Expand
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