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The Semantic Web Revisited
It is argued that agents can only flourish when standards are well established and that the Web standards for expressing shared meaning have progressed steadily over the past five years. Expand
An integrated trust and reputation model for open multi-agent systems
Fire, a trust and reputation model that integrates a number of information sources to produce a comprehensive assessment of an agent’s likely performance in open systems, is presented and is shown to help agents gain better utility than their benchmarks. Expand
Resource Description Framework (RDF)
An introduction to RDF and its related vocabulary definition language RDF Schema is provided, and its relationship with the OWL Web Ontology Language is explained. Expand
A Framework for Web Science
This text sets out a series of approaches to the analysis and synthesis of the World Wide Web, and other web-like information structures. A comprehensive set of research questions is outlined,Expand
Ontological user profiling in recommender systems
Ontological inference is shown to improve user profiling, external ontological knowledge used to successfully bootstrap a recommender system and profile visualization employed to improve profiling accuracy are shown. Expand
Eliciting Knowledge from Experts: A Methodological Analysis
The psychological study of expertise has a rich background and has recently gained impetus in part because of the advent of expert systems and related technologies for preserving knowledge. In theExpand
FIRE: An Integrated Trust and Reputation Model for Open Multi-Agent Systems
FIRE is a trust and reputation model that integrates a number of information sources to produce a comprehensive assessment of an agent's likely performance and is shown to help agents effectively select appropriate interaction partners. Expand
Knowledge Engineering and Management
The disciplines of knowledge engineering and knowledge management are closely tied. Knowledge engineering deals with the development of information systems in which knowledge and reasoning playExpand
Ranking Ontologies with AKTiveRank
AKTiveRank is presented, a prototype system for ranking ontologies based on a number of structural metrics, which addresses the need for methods to evaluate and rank existing ontologies in terms of their relevance to the needs of the knowledge engineer. Expand
Web science: an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the web
The Web must be studied as an entity in its own right to ensure it keeps flourishing and prevent unanticipated social effects.