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String theory and noncommutative geometry
We extend earlier ideas about the appearance of noncommutative geometry in string theory with a nonzero B-field. We identify a limit in which the entire string dynamics is described by a minimallyExpand
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Electric - magnetic duality, monopole condensation, and confinement in N=2 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory
Abstract We study the vacuum structure and don spectrum of N =2 supersymmetric gauge theory in four dimensions, with gauge group SU(2). The theory turns out to have remarkably rich and physicalExpand
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Electric-magnetic duality in supersymmetric non-Abelian gauge theories
Abstract We demonstrate electric-magnetic duality in N = 1 supersymmetric non-Abelian gauge theories in four dimensions by presenting two different gauge theories (different gauge groups and quarkExpand
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Dynamical SUSY breaking in meta-stable vacua
Dynamical supersymmetry breaking in a long-lived meta-stable vacuum is a phenomenologically viable possibility. This relatively unexplored avenue leads to many new models of dynamical supersymmetryExpand
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Monopoles, duality and chiral symmetry breaking in N=2 supersymmetric QCD
We study four dimensional N = 2 supersymmetric gauge theories with matter multiplets. For all such models for which the gauge group is SU(2), we derive the exact metric on the moduli space of quantumExpand
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Aspects of N = 2 supersymmetric gauge theories in three dimensions
Abstract We consider general aspects of N = 2 gauge theories in three dimensions, including their multiplet structure, anomalies and non-renormalization theorems. For U (1) gauge theories, we discussExpand
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Mirror symmetry in three dimensional gauge theories
Abstract We discuss non-trivial fixed points of the renormalization group with dual descriptions in N = 4 gauge theories in three dimensions. This new duality acts as mirror symmetry, exchanging theExpand
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Noncommutative perturbative dynamics
We study the perturbative dynamics of noncommutative field theories on R d , and find an intriguing mixing of the UV and the IR. High energies of virtual particles in loops produce non-analyticity atExpand
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Rigid supersymmetric theories in curved superspace
We present a uniform treatment of rigid supersymmetric field theories in a curved spacetime $ \mathcal{M} $, focusing on four-dimensional theories with four supercharges. Our discussion isExpand
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The D1/D5 System And Singular CFT
We study the conformal field theory of the D1/D5 system compactified on X (X is T4 or K3). It is described by a sigma model whose target space is the moduli space of instantons on X. For values ofExpand
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