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String theory and noncommutative geometry
We extend earlier ideas about the appearance of noncommutative geometry in string theory with a nonzero B-field. We identify a limit in which the entire string dynamics is described by a minimally
Dynamical SUSY breaking in meta-stable vacua
Dynamical supersymmetry breaking in a long-lived meta-stable vacuum is a phenomenologically viable possibility. This relatively unexplored avenue leads to many new models of dynamical supersymmetry
Generalized global symmetries
A bstractA q-form global symmetry is a global symmetry for which the charged operators are of space-time dimension q; e.g. Wilson lines, surface defects, etc., and the charged excitations have q
Noncommutative perturbative dynamics
We study the perturbative dynamics of noncommutative field theories on R d , and find an intriguing mixing of the UV and the IR. High energies of virtual particles in loops produce non-analyticity at
Rigid supersymmetric theories in curved superspace
We present a uniform treatment of rigid supersymmetric field theories in a curved spacetime $ \mathcal{M} $, focusing on four-dimensional theories with four supercharges. Our discussion is