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Personality similarity in twins reared apart and together.
We administered the Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire (MPQ) to 217 monozygotic and 114 dizygotic reared-together adult twin pairs and 44 monozygotic and 27 dizygotic reared-apart adult twinExpand
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Job Satisfaction: Environmental and Genetic Components
Monozygotic twins reared apart from an early age were used to test the hypothesis that there is a significant genetic component to job satisfaction. Thirty-four monozygotic twin pairs who had beenExpand
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Sources of human psychological differences: the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart.
Since 1979, a continuing study of monozygotic and dizygotic twins, separated in infancy and reared apart, has subjected more than 100 sets of reared-apart twins or triplets to a week of intensiveExpand
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Suicide in twins.
Suicide appears to cluster in families, suggesting that genetic factors may play a role in this behavior. We studied 176 twin pairs in which one or both twins had committed suicide. Seven of the 62Expand
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Periodontal findings in adult twins.
Gingivitis and periodontitis are among the most common diseases known to man. Although bacterial plaque is generally accepted as the primary etiologic agent, little information is availableExpand
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Suicidal behavior in twins: a replication.
  • A. Roy, N. Segal
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of affective disorders
  • 1 September 2001
OBJECTIVE Our two previous reports showed that monozygotic (MZ) twins were significantly more concordant for both completed suicide and attempted suicide than dizygotic (DZ) twins. We wished toExpand
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Entwined Lives: Twins and What They Tell Us About Human Behavior
Twins are nature's living laboratories. Through them we are able to uncover new information concerning the genetic and environmental factors affecting who we are. Studies using identical andExpand
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Twins in the Classroom: School Policy issues and Recommendations
Decisions concerning the assignment of young twin children to the same or separate classrooms have proven difficult for many educators, counselors, and parents. As part of an ongoing study ofExpand
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Comparative Grief experiences of bereaved twins and other bereaved relatives
Abstract The nature of grief experienced by bereaved twins and other bereaved individuals was examined with reference to their relatedness to the deceased. Two-hundred and seventy-nine bereaved twinsExpand
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Atopic disease and immunoglobulin E in twins reared apart and together.
Both genetic and environmental influences have been implicated in the etiology of atopic disease and in the determination of serum IgE levels. To quantify the relative contribution of theseExpand
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