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The Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS): Overview*
The Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS) is designed to probe the correlated evolution of galaxies, star formation, active galactic nuclei (AGNs), and dark matter (DM) with large-scale structure (LSS)
Mass and environment as drivers of galaxy evolution in SDSS and zCOSMOS and the origin of the Schechter function
We explore the simple inter-relationships between mass, star formation rate, and environment in the SDSS, zCOSMOS, and other deep surveys. We take a purely empirical approach in identifying those
COSMOS Photometric Redshifts with 30-bands for 2-deg2
We present accurate photometric redshifts in the 2-deg2 COSMOS field. The redshifts are computed with 30 broad, intermediate, and narrow bands covering the UV (GALEX), Visible-NIR (Subaru, CFHT,
Ultraluminous infrared galaxies and the origin of quasars
An evolutionary connection between ultraluminous infrared galaxies and quasars is deduced from the observations of all 10 infrared galaxies with luminosities L(8-1000 μm) ≥ 10^(12) L⊙, taken from a
Mass assembly in quiescent and star-forming galaxies since z ≃ 4 from UltraVISTA
We estimate the galaxy stellar mass function and stellar mass density for star-forming and quiescent galaxies with 0.2   1.5 consistent with the expected uncertainties. We also develop a new method
The COSMOS2015 Catalog: Exploring the 1 < z < 6 Universe with Half a Million Galaxies
We present the COSMOS2015(24) catalog, which contains precise photometric redshifts and stellar masses for more than half a million objects over the 2deg(2) COSMOS field. Including new YJHK(s) images
We follow the galaxy stellar mass assembly by morphological and spectral type in the COSMOS 2 deg^2 field. We derive the stellar mass functions and stellar mass densities from z = 2 to z = 0.2 using
HCN and HCO+ Observations of the Galactic Circumnuclear Disk
We present high spatial resolution (51 × 27) Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO) millimeter array observations of HCN (J = 1-0) and HCO+ (J = 1-0) emission in the inner 3 pc of the Galaxy (0.04 pc
The COSMOS Survey: Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys Observations and Data Processing
We describe the details of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) Wide Field Channel (WFC) observations of the COSMOS field, including the data calibration and processing