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The essential difference
What is essentialism? What is anti-essentialism? The Essential Difference attempts to answer questions at the heart of current feminist theory and cultural study. The book deals with origins andExpand
"Cartes Postales": Representing Paris 1900
  • N. Schor
  • History
  • Critical Inquiry
  • 1 January 1992
Two widely shared but diametrically opposed views inform what theories we have on the everyday: one, which we might call the feminine or feminist, though it is not necessarily held by women orExpand
Bad Objects: Essays Popular and Unpopular
Bad objects are a contrarian's delight. In this volume, leading French feminist theorist and literary critic Naomi Schor revisits some of feminist theory's most widely discredited objects,Expand
Feminism Meets Queer Theory
When feminism meets queer theory, no introductions seem necessary. The two-share common political interests a concern for women's and gay and lesbian rights and many of the same academic andExpand
Reading in Detail. Aesthetics and the Feminine
Note on Permissions List of Figures Foreword, Ellen Rooney Acknowledgments Introduction Part 1: Archaeology 1. Gender: In the Academy 2. Sublimation: Hegel's Aesthetics 3. Decadence: Wey, Loos,Expand
The crisis of French universalism
L'A. tente de prouver a quel point l'universalisme francais moderne resulte de la convergence de trois courants differents : religieux, linguistique et ethique. Selon elle, la culture francaiseExpand