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Bilingual language control: An event-related brain potential study
This study addressed how bilingual speakers switch between their first and second language when speaking by measuring event-related brain potentials and naming latencies and revealing small but reliable effects of cognate status. Expand
Grammatical feature selection in noun phrase production: Evidence from German and Dutch
Abstract In this study, we investigated grammatical feature selection during noun phrase production in German and Dutch. More specifically, we studied the conditions under which different grammaticalExpand
The Acquisition of Syllable Types
An account of developmental data regarding the acquisition of syllable types from a longitudinal corpus of phonetically transcribed speech of 12 children acquiring Dutch as their first language found an interesting correlation between the frequencies and the order of development of the different syllabletypes. Expand
Serial Order Effects in Spelling Errors: Evidence from Two Dysgraphic Patients
This study reports data from two dysgraphic patients, TH and PB, whose errors in spelling most often occurred in the final part of words, and which pattern of performance locates their deficit to the mechanism that keeps graphemic representations active for further processing. Expand
Effects of syllable frequency in speech production
This work investigated syllable-frequency effects and tested whether high-frequency syllables are retrieved and produced faster compared to low- frequencies, finding significant syllable frequency effects with monosyllabic pseudo-words and disyllabics in which the first syllable bore the frequency manipulation. Expand
Neural correlates of verbal feedback processing: An fMRI study employing overt speech
The findings suggest that the anterior cingulate cortex, which is often implicated in error‐processing and conflict‐monitoring, is also engaged in ongoing speech monitoring and a reduced response to speaking under normal feedback conditions is found in the superior temporal gyrus. Expand
The effect of visually masked syllable primes on the naming latencies of words and pictures
To investigate the role of the syllable in Dutch speech production, five experiments were carried out to examine the effect of visually masked syllable primes on the naming latencies for writtenExpand
The Onset Effect in Word Naming.
This study investigates whether or not masked form priming effects in the naming task depend on the number of shared segments between prime and target. Dutch participants named bisyllabic words,Expand
Motivation and semantic context affect brain error-monitoring activity: An event-related brain potentials study
This event-related potential study investigated whether or not motivation affected participants' performance using a picture naming task in a semantic blocking paradigm, and participants showed semantic interference effects in reaction times and error rates. Expand
Hearing feelings: A quantitative meta-analysis on the neuroimaging literature of emotional prosody perception
With the advent of neuroimaging considerable progress has been made in uncovering the neural network involved in the perception of emotional prosody. However, the exact neuroanatomical underpinningsExpand