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Biogas: Developments and perspectives in Europe
Abstract This paper presents an overview of the development and perspectives of biogas in and its use for electricity, heat and in transport in the European Union (EU) and its Member States. BiogasExpand
Assessment of the availability of agricultural crop residues in the European Union: potential and limitations for bioenergy use.
This paper provides a resource-based assessment of the available agricultural crop residues for bioenergy production in the European Union, at the level of the 27 Member States. The assessmentExpand
The role of biomass and bioenergy in a future bioeconomy: Policies and facts
Abstract The European Commission has set a long-term goal to develop a competitive, resource efficient and low carbon economy by 2050. Bioeconomy is expected to play an important role in the lowExpand
Recent developments of biofuels/bioenergy sustainability certification: A global overview
The objective of this paper is to provide a review on the latest developments on the main initiatives and approaches for the sustainability certification for biofuels and/or bioenergy. A large numberExpand
Renewable energy policy framework and bioenergy contribution in the European Union – An overview from National Renewable Energy Action Plans and Progress Reports
The use of renewable energy is projected to increase substantially in the European Union to reach a share of 20% in final energy consumption and 10% renewable energy in transport by 2020. TheExpand
Evaluation of energy potential of Municipal Solid Waste from African urban areas
Energy is a critical issue for Africa, where large number of people do not have access to energy. Energy recovery from waste can play a role in minimising the impact of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) onExpand
Renewable energy research progress in Mexico: A review
Mexico ranks 9th in the world in crude oil reserves, 4th in natural gas reserves in America and it is also highly rich in renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biomasss, hydropower and geothermal).Expand
Optimal energy use of agricultural crop residues preserving soil organic carbon stocks in Europe
The European Union has committed itself to ambitious targets of Renewable Energy and bioenergy is expected to play a major role, increasing its contribution to Gross Final Energy Consumption fromExpand
A spatial analysis of biogas potential from manure in Europe
Abstract Anaerobic digestion is increasingly used worldwide to generate energy from biogas, bringing significant economic and environmental benefits. In particular, in the European Union (EU), biogasExpand
Renewable electricity in Europe
Renewable energy use is growing at a much faster pace than the rest of the economy in Europe and world-wide. This and the dramatic oil price increases in 2005 have lead to a remarkable re-evaluationExpand