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STAR: A Consensus for Skin Tear Classification
Until now the Payne-Martin Classification System for Skin Tears has been the only skin tear classification system reported in the literature. Considering that the development of this taxonomy beganExpand
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Clinical pathway for fractured neck of femur: a prospective, controlled study
To assess outcomes of using a clinical pathway for managing patients with fractured neck of femur.
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A randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of soft silicone multi‐layered foam dressings in the prevention of sacral and heel pressure ulcers in trauma and critically ill patients: the border
The prevention of hospital acquired pressure ulcers in critically ill patients remains a significant clinical challenge. The aim of this trial was to investigate the effectiveness of multi‐layeredExpand
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Smart technologies to enhance social connectedness in older people who live at home
To examine the effectiveness of smart technologies in improving or maintaining the social connectedness of older people living at home.
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Smart-Home Technologies to Assist Older People to Live Well at Home
Background: With the rapid population ageing that is occurring world-wide, there is increasing interest in “smart home” technologies that can assist older adults to continue living at home withExpand
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Nurses' Experiences of Participating in a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) in the Community
There is a dearth of experience and sharing of experiences by community nursing agencies in the conduct of clinical trials in the community. The objective of this research was to explore and identifyExpand
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Systematic review of the use of prophylactic dressings in the prevention of pressure ulcers
This systematic review considers the evidence supporting the use of prophylactic dressings for the prevention of pressure ulcer. Electronic database searches were conducted on 25 July 2013. TheExpand
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A randomized‐controlled trial comparing cadexomer iodine and nanocrystalline silver on the healing of leg ulcers
Chronic leg ulcers are a debilitating, often painful, and costly condition. Leg ulcer healing may be impaired by bacterial colonization, which, unless effective intervention is instigated, can leadExpand
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Microclimate: A critical review in the context of pressure ulcer prevention
&NA; Pressure ulcers are caused by sustained mechanical loading and deformation of the skin and subcutaneous layers between internal stiff anatomical structures and external surfaces or devices. InExpand
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Robotics to Enable Older Adults to Remain Living at Home
Given the rapidly ageing population, interest is growing in robots to enable older people to remain living at home. We conducted a systematic review and critical evaluation of the scientificExpand
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