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Uholka Primeval Forest in the Ukrainian Carpathians – A Keynote Area for Diversity of Forest Lichens in Europe
Abstract: Malíček, J., Palice, Z., Acton, A., Berger, F., Bouda, F., Sanderson, N. & Vondrák, J. 2018. Uholka primeval forest in the Ukrainian Carpathians — a keynote area for diversity of forestExpand
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Methods for obtaining more complete species lists in surveys of lichen biodiversity
We tested two methods to obtain more complete species inventories in surveys of lichen biodiversity. The first was to employ eight lichenologists (all experienced, some specialists) acting asExpand
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Two new species of Arthoniaceae from old-growth European forests, Arthonia thoriana and Inoderma sorediatum , and a new genus for Schismatomma niveum
Two new species of Arthoniaceae are described from old-growth European forests: Arthonia thoriana from Horner Combe in Great Britain and Inoderma sorediatum from the Bialowieza Forest in Poland.Expand
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Exploiting hot-spots; effective determination of lichen diversity in a Carpathian virgin forest
Although lichenized fungi are among the most reliable indicators of forest quality and represent a considerable part of forest biodiversity, methods maximizing completeness of their species lists perExpand
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Thresholds of biodiversity and ecosystem function in a forest ecosystem undergoing dieback
Ecological thresholds, which represent points of rapid change in ecological properties, are of major scientific and societal concern. However, very little research has focused on empirically testingExpand
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Patterns and drivers of lichen species composition in a NW-European lowland deciduous woodland complex
We surveyed lichens in an extensive area of lowland deciduous oak and beech dominated forest under wood pasture management within the New Forest National Park, southern England. This provided theExpand
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The British endemic Enterographa sorediata is the widespread Syncesia myrticola ( Roccellaceae, Arthoniales )
Enterographa sorediata is a corticolous, crustose lichen endemic to the southern part of Great Britain where it is confined to old-growth woodlands. This lichen is rarely fertile and mainlyExpand
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Testing the relative sensitivity of 102 ecological variables as indicators of woodland condition in the New Forest, UK
Abstract Forests globally are facing an increasing number of threats from modified disturbance regimes, novel stressors and changing environmental conditions. This has ultimately resulted in declinesExpand
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Deciding on dental practice management software
The smooth running of a practice relies on dental management practice software that meets its requirements. Every system has core features, such as patient records, while some have additionalExpand