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Accelerated fermentation process for the manufacture of fish sauce using histidine
Addition of histidine accelerated hydrolysis of fish protein during fermentation in the manufacture of fish sauce and after 4 mo fermentation yielded a product typical of traditional fish sauce. TheExpand
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Overall Quality and Sensory Acceptance of a Lysine‐Fortified Fish Sauce
The feasibility of making fish sauce with added lysine was studied. A difference was found in quality of the volatile compounds detected from the control and from the lysine-added samples. HighExpand
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Quality and sensory acceptance of fish sauce partially substituting sodium chloride or natural salt with potassium chloride during the fermentation process
Summary Fish sauce was prepared with sodium chloride or natural salt partially replaced by potassium chloride at three ratios, 90 : 10, 75 : 25 and 60 : 40. Volatile acids were collected by steamExpand
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Effect of graded doses of erythorbic acid on ascorbic acid content of tissues of guinea pigs.
The effect of graded doses of erythorbic acid (ErA) on the content of ascorbic acid (AsA) in the tissues of guinea pigs administered AsA was studied. The guinea pigs were administered 5 mg AsA and 1,Expand
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Fractionation and Identification of Volatile Compounds in Patis, a Philippine Fish Sauce
Commercial Philippine fish sauce (Patis) was steam-distilled and the distillate was fractionated into four fractions, neutral, basic, acidic and phenolic and each fraction was analyzed using gasExpand
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Development of normal and branched chain volatile fatty acids during the fermentation process in the manufacture of fish sauce
The formation of volatile fatty acids (VFAs) in fish sauce was investigated. When fish were allowed to spoil prior to salting, very high concentrations of VFAs were produced. The increase wasExpand
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Formation of Volatile Acids in the Various Stages of Fish Sauce Fermentation
The rate of production of volatile acids present in the intermediate products at 3, 4, 10 and 15 months of fermentation of commercial Patis obtained in the Philippines and fish sauce of small scaleExpand
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Study on the Volatile Compounds of Fish Sauces-Shottsuru, Nampla and Noucman
Comparative study on the aromas of three kinds of fish sauces, Shottsuru, Nampla and Noucmam was conducted. Volatile compounds of all samples were separately collected by steam distillation, andExpand
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Oxygen Effect on Volatile Acids Formation During Fermentation in Manufacture of Fish Sauce
Volatile acids of aerobically and anaerobically fermented fish sauces were investigated using GC and GC-MS. There was no significant difference in pH values of the two types of sauces. Volatile acidsExpand
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