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Fuel cell technology : reaching towards commercialization
Introduction PEM Fuel Cells - Overview SOFC - Overview Fuel Cell Systems Design and Integration Fuels and Fuel Processing Transport Phenomena Modeling System Level Modeling Durability and AcceleratedExpand
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Physical, chemical and electrochemical properties of pure and doped ceria
This paper gives an extract of available data on the physical, chemical, electrochemical and mechanical properties of pure and doped ceria, predominantly in the temperature range from 200 to 1000°C.Expand
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Dynamic modeling of single tubular SOFC combining heat/mass transfer and electrochemical reaction effects
In this paper, a dynamic model of a single tubular solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) unit is developed using the control volume (CV) approach. The heat transfer, species transportation, andExpand
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Bismuth based oxide electrolytes— structure and ionic conductivity
Abstract Bismuth oxide systems exhibit high oxide ion conductivity and have been proposed as good electrolyte materials for applications such as solid oxide fuel cells and oxygen sensors. However,Expand
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SOFC mathematic model for systems simulations. Part one: from a micro-detailed to macro-black-box model
A review of the most significant SOFC models is conducted and then the possibility of their use in a macro-model is evaluated. Expand
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Design and fabrication of a 100 W anode supported micro-tubular SOFC stack
Abstract Micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) systems have many desirable characteristics compared to their planar counter-parts, however there are many obstacles and difficulties that must beExpand
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Encapsulation of steel foundry bag house dusts in cement mortar
Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate the properties of bag house dusts generated by steel foundries when stabilized with Portland cement at high levels of cement addition. The mainExpand
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Model-based condition monitoring of PEM fuel cell using Hotelling T2 control limit
Although a variety of design and control strategies have been proposed to improve the performance of polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems, temporary faults in such systems still mightExpand
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A novel high energy density rechargeable lithium/air battery.
A novel rechargeable lithium/air battery was fabricated, which consisted of a water-stable multilayer Li-metal anode, acetic acid-water electrolyte, and a fuel-cell analogous air-diffusion cathodeExpand
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