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Missile issues in South Asia
Naeem Ahmad Salik is a Brigadier in the Pakistan Army, currently serving as the Director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Directorate at the Strategic Plans Division, Joint Staff Headquarters. HeExpand
Regional dynamics and deterrence: South Asia (2)
Nuclearization of South Asia has not only shaken the foundations of the existing non-proliferation regime, it has raised the spectre of a catastrophic nuclear war between India and Pakistan,Expand
Nuclear Terrorism: Assessing the Danger
Abstract This article attempts to make a realistic assessment of the danger of nuclear terrorism. While acknowledging the catastrophic consequences of an act of terrorism employing either anExpand
Challenges for Pakistan ’ s Nuclear Security Arms Control Today
The attack last August against the Kamra military air base in Pakistan reignited concerns about the threat that terrorists could pose to the security of the Pakistani nuclear arsenal. There is noExpand
Tactical Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence Stability
  • N. Salik
  • Political Science
  • 1 September 2011
The term ‘tactical nuclear weapon’ is a misnomer, but has gained currency through frequent usage over the years. Nuclear weapons can, of course, be used in a tactical manner implying that they couldExpand
Arms Control, Confidence Building, and Nuclear Risk Reduction—A Pakistani Perspective
The world is witnessing a highly complex and turbulent security environment dominated by the ongoing war against international terrorism. There are heightened concerns about the efforts by states andExpand