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Anti-arthritic agents: progress and potential.
Quantitative HPLC determination of main flavonoid content of Rhododendron adamsii leaves and stems
The content of main flavonoids from Rhododendron adamsii R. leaves and stems was determined quantitatively using HPLC. It was found that myricetin and quercetin dominated the identified compounds
Discovery of a new class of antiviral compounds: camphor imine derivatives.
Monoterpenes as a renewable source of biologically active compounds
Abstract Monoterpenes and their derivatives play an important role in the creation of new biologically active compounds including drugs. The review focuses on the data on various types of biological
Complexation of lappaconitine with glycyrrhizic acid: stability and reactivity studies.
A notable decrease in the rate of the photoinduced electron-transfer reaction between lappaconitine in a complex with glycyrrhizic acid and tyrosine allows the suggestion of an explicit interrelation between the suppressed chemical reactivity of the bound alkaloid and the changes of its therapeutic efficiency.