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No Safe Haven: Male Violence Against Women at Home, at Work, and in the Community
The Culture and Context of Male Violence Against Women Understanding the Perpetrator and the Victim - Who Abuses and Who is Abused? The Prevalence of Intimate Violence - Physical and PsychologicalExpand
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Abortion and mental health: Evaluating the evidence.
The authors evaluated empirical research addressing the relationship between induced abortion and women's mental health. Two issues were addressed: (a) the relative risks associated with abortionExpand
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The Motherhood Mandate
The centrality of motherhood to the definition of the adult female is characterized in the form of a mandate which requires having at least two children and raising them well. The processes mandatingExpand
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Exploring Feminist Women's Body Consciousness
In a qualitative investigation of young feminists' experience of body consciousness, 25 feminist women each participated in one of 6 focus groups examining the ways they experienced body image andExpand
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Gender‐Based Violence
Abstract:  The United Nations has identified gender‐based violence against women as a global health and development issue, and a host of policies, public education, and action programs aimed atExpand
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Mexican American Women’s Definitions of Rape and Sexual Abuse
Focus group approach was used to explore concepts related to rape and sexual abuse among 17 Mexican immigrant women living in rural Arizona. The women discussed definitions of various forms ofExpand
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Women psychologists in academe. Mixed progress, unwarranted complacency.
H istorically, academe has been an inhospitable place for women—indeed, one of the reasons psychologists are represented in so many other diverse employment settings is because women with psychologyExpand
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Psychological responses after abortion
A review of methodologically sound studies of the psychological responses of U.S. women after they obtained legal, nonrestrictive abortions indicates that distress is generally greatest before theExpand
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Psychological factors in abortion. A review.
Psychological research is increasingly involved in debates regarding abortion. While recognizing the diversity of ethical and moral issues intertwined with abortion, the American PsychologicalExpand
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Family and Work Predictors of Psychological Well-Being Among Hispanic Women Professionals
This study examines the relative contributions of job- and gender-related variables to the mental health of Hispanic women professionals. Hispanic women professionals, managers and business owners (nExpand
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