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Condition monitoring of high voltage transformers using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor
Abstract High voltage (HV) power apparatus determines the stability of any electrical power system. Failure of such apparatus is mainly due to damage of insulation normally caused by the PartialExpand
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Mineral oil based high permittivity CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) nanofluids for power transformer application
Power transformer is the heart of the power transmission and distribution in an electrical system and its lifeblood is transformer's insulating oil that acts as an insulation of the transformer. TheExpand
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Intensity-Modulated Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor for Detection of Partial Discharges Inside High-Voltage Apparatus
The detection of partial discharges (PDs), inside high-voltage (HV) power apparatus, such as transformers, busing, switchgear, and so on, is important as it provides most early indication of failure.Expand
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Mathematical model for predicting the state of health of transformers and service methodology for enhancing their life
Abstract This paper presents the analysis and modeling of the mathematical characteristics of the dissolved gases in the transformer oil for the purpose of working out a schedule for oil filtration,Expand
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Usage of nanotechnology based gas sensor for health assessment and maintenance of transformers by DGA method
Abstract Present day power system is essentially a complex mesh of various important components with power transformer as one of the key elements. For the reliability of power supply, a robustExpand
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Self-organizing feature map based unsupervised technique for detection of partial discharge sources inside electrical substations
A novel process for detection and localization PD sources inside electrical substation is proposed, with the help of four UHF sensors. Expand
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Monitoring of high voltage power transformer using direct optical partial discharge detection technique
In electrical power systems, high voltage power transformers are used to transfer the power from one substation to another. The insulation of the high voltage power transformers are graduallyExpand
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Effect of ageing in transformer oil using UV-visible spectrophotometeric technique
In power systems, varieties of insulation materials are used to protect the high voltage power apparatus such as transformer, switchgear, current transformer, potential transformer etc. One of theExpand
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Synthetic ester oil based high permittivity CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) nanofluids an alternative insulating medium for power transformer
Green insulating oils are the present industry need for an alternative insulation to mineral oil due to its higher bio-degradability. Synthetic ester oil plays a prominent role by compromising allExpand
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Dielectric and thermal conductivity studies on synthetic ester oil based TiO2 nanofluids
Presently, Green Insulating Fluid (GIF) based synthetic ester insulating oils are the industry preferred choices. Due to their higher flash point, moisture tolerance and very good environmentalExpand
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