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A program for coupled-channel calculations with all order couplings for heavy-ion fusion reactions
A FORTRAN 77 program that calculates fusion cross sections and mean angular momenta of the compound nucleus under the influence of couplings between the relative motion and several nuclear collectiveExpand
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▪ Abstract The experimental extraction of detailed barrier distributions has brought a significant advance in the study of the fusion of heavy nuclei, and indeed in the entire heavy-ion reactionExpand
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Barrier penetration at astrophysical energies
Barrier penetration coefficients, which take into account the exponential nature of the tail of the nuclear potential, are evaluated analytically for nergies well below the Coulomb barrier. TheExpand
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Multi-quasiparticle and rotational structures in 179W: Fermi alignment, the ifK-selection rule and blocking
Abstract High-spin states in 179 W have been studied following the 170 Er(su13C, 4n) reaction. Rotational bands up to ifI 53 2 have been identified, based on 1-, 3-, 5- and 7-quasiparticleExpand
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GABRIELA: A new detector array for γ-ray and conversion electron spectroscopy of transfermium elements☆
With the aid of the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation package a new detection system has been designed for the focal plane of the recoil separator VASSILISSA situated at the Flerov Laboratory of NuclearExpand
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Residual interactions in multi-quasiparticle states
Abstract The effect of residual spin-dependent interactions in multi-quasiparticle states in hafnium isotopes is studied using a model based on the empirical data for one- and two-quasiparticleExpand
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Effect of multiphonon coupling on heavy-ion fusion
Abstract The effect of the strong coupling of multiphonon states on the fusion of heavy ions is discussed. The model (CCFUS) of Dasso and Landowne is reviewed and it is shown that it is possible toExpand
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Fusion-fission of heavy and superheavy nuclei
The process of fusion-fission of heavy and superheavy nuclei (SHE) with Z=82–122 formed in the reactions with 48Ca and 58Fe ions at energies near and below the Coulomb barrier has been studied. TheExpand
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