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Nearest neighbor queries
We present an efficient branch-and-bound R-tree traversal algorithm to find the nearest neighbor object to a point, and then generalize it to finding the k nearest neighbors. Expand
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The R+-Tree: A Dynamic Index for Multi-Dimensional Objects
The problem of indexing multidimensional objects is considered. First, a classification of existing methods is given along with a discussion of the major issues involved in multidimensional dataExpand
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Direct spatial search on pictorial databases using packed R-trees
Pictorial databases require efficient and duect spatml search based on the analog form of spatial obJects and relatlonshlps instead ofsearch based on some cumbersome alphanumeric encodings of the pmtures. Expand
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Adaptive probabilistic search for peer-to-peer networks
An adaptive, bandwidth-efficient algorithm for search in unstructured peer-to-peer networks, the adaptive probabilistic search method (APS). Expand
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K-Nearest Neighbor Search for Moving Query Point
This paper addresses the problem of finding k nearest neighbors for moving query point (we call it k-NNMP). Expand
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Adaptive Data Broadcast in Hybrid Networks
We describe a hybrid scheme which effectively combines broadcast for massive data dissemination and unicast for individual data delivery, and an algorithm that continuously adapts the broadcast content to match the hot-spot of the database. Expand
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Dwarf: shrinking the PetaCube
Dwarf is a highly compressed structure for computing, storing, and querying data cubes. Expand
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DynaMat: a dynamic view management system for data warehouses
We present DynaMat, a system that dynamically materializes information at multiple levels of granularity in order to match the demand (workload) but also takes into account the maintenance restrictions for the warehouse, such as down time to update the views and space availability. Expand
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The A dynamic index for multidimensional ob-jects
An Anger-type camera with a rapid sequence imaging device for recording a series of sequential images on a single sheet of 11 x 14 inch photographic film. Expand
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Hierarchical In-Network Data Aggregation with Quality Guarantees
We extend prior work on in-network data aggregation to support approximate evaluation of queries to further reduce the number of exchanged messages exchanged during continuous queries in large sensor networks. Expand
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