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A novel N-acetyl-glucosamine lectin of Lonchocarpus araripensis attenuates acute cellular inflammation in mice
The novel N-acetyl-d-glucosamine-binding lectin isolated from L. araripensis seeds presents anti-inflammatory effect involving the lectin domain and the inhibition of 5-HT, BK, PGE2, NO, TNF-α and leukocyte rolling and adhesion.
A Novel Antinociceptive Sulphated Polysaccharide of the Brown Marine Alga Spatoglossum Schroederi
The data revealed for the first time the antinociceptive effect of Ss-SP which could be used as a new source of analgesic substances.
Vasodilator effects of Diocleinae lectins from the Canavalia genus
Important vasodilator effects of different degrees and mechanisms in vivo and in vitro of Canavalia lectins are demonstrated.
Opioid‐like antinociceptive effects of oral administration of a lectin purified from the seeds of Canavalia brasiliensis
When administered orally to Swiss mice, the ConBr lectin displayed antinociceptive activity, both peripheral and central, mediated by the opioid system and involving δ‐and κ‐receptors and the lectin domain.
Vascular Effects of a Sulfated Polysaccharide from the Red Marine Alga Solieria Filiformis
These substances could be used as important tools for the study of vascular alterations in male Wistar rats and extended human plasma coagulation time by 2.1 times.