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The chancery of God : Protestant print, polemic and propaganda against the empire, Magdeburg 1546-1551
Contents: Introduction Pamphlets and policy 'German liberty' 'God's Word, pure and clear': the interim controversy Urban theology and the siegeworks Religion and the 'Magdeburg worldview' AfterwordExpand
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Faith and Empire: Conflicting Visions of Religion in a Late Reformation Controversy—The Augsburg Interim and Its Opponents, 1548–50
The battle of Muhlberg (23 April 1547) began a brief period of dominance of German affairs by Emperor Charles V. In the wake of his victory, Charles, a zealous Catholic, attempted to undo the effectsExpand
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Book reviews
Russell T. McCutcheon, Religion and the Domestication of Dissent: Or, How to Live in a Less Than Perfect Nation. London, Equinox, 2005, xiD123 pp., $65 (hardback), ISBN 1 845 53000 4, $22Expand
Conversation: The challenges of teaching in a “nano department”
A panel at the 2016 American Academy of Religion conference staged, taped, transcribed, and edited this conversation about the challenges and opportunities of teaching in a “nano department” – anExpand
From The History Of Religions To The History Of ‘Religion’: The Late Reformation And The Challenge To Sui Generis Religion
In recent years the problem of defining religion has returned to center stage in the discipline of Religious Studies. For most of the postwar period, the so-called ' sui generis model ' for religionExpand
History and Vulnerability: A Response to Levene and Furey
The articles by N. Levene (writing on St. Anselm's Proslogion) and C. Furey (on Thomas More's Utopia) in this volume offer a nuanced critical perspective on historicist tendencies in the study ofExpand