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Dispersal of Misteltoes by Honeyeaters and Flowerpeckers: Components of Seed Dispersal Quality
The quality of the seed dispersal performed by a dispersal agent has two components. Disperser efficiency is the probability that a seed dispersed by the vector will lodge in a safe site andExpand
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Coevolution of mistletoes and frugivorous birds
Small frugivorous birds that feed largely on the fruits of stem-parasitic mistletoes have independently evolved in various parts of the world. Local populations of mistletoes may be dispersed almostExpand
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Climate Change and the Potential Distribution of an Invasive Shrub, Lantana camara L
The threat posed by invasive species, in particular weeds, to biodiversity may be exacerbated by climate change. Lantana camara L. (lantana) is a woody shrub that is highly invasive in many countriesExpand
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Lessons in Ecosystem Management from Management of Threatened and Pest Loranthaceous Mistletoes in New Zealand and Australia
Loranthaceous mistletoes are interesting because of their complex dependence on suitable host trees and avian dispersers and because of their patchy distribution at the landscape level. AlthoughExpand
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Communicating Ecology Through Art: What Scientists Think
Many environmental issues facing society demand considerable public investment to reverse. However, this investment will only arise if the general community is supportive, and community support isExpand
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Utilization of shrubs and trees for browse, fuelwood and timber in the Tamaulipan thornscrub, northeastern Mexico
Abstract The Tamaulipan thornscrub is the subtropical, semi-arid vegetation that covers the Gulf coastal plain of northeastern Mexico. Leguminous trees and shrubs constitute one-third of the diverseExpand
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Scattered paddock trees, litter chemistry, and surface soil properties in pastures of the New England Tablelands, New South Wales
Scattered paddock trees are widespread throughout rural Australia but their effect on soil conditions has received only limited research attention. This study investigated the influence of 3Expand
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