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Paired states of fermions in two dimensions with breaking of parity and time-reversal symmetries and the fractional quantum Hall effect
We analyze pairing of fermions in two dimensions for fully gapped cases with broken parity (P) and time reversal (T), especially cases in which the gap function is an orbital angular momentum (l)
Beyond paired quantum Hall states: parafermions and incompressible states in the first excited Landau level
The Pfaffian quantum Hall states, which can be viewed as involving pairing either of spin-polarized electrons or of composite fermions, are generalized by finding the exact ground states of certain
Non-Abelian adiabatic statistics and Hall viscosity in quantum Hall states and p(x) + ip(y) paired superfluids
Many trial wave functions for fractional quantum Hall states in a single Landau level are given by functions called conformal blocks, taken from some conformal field theory. Also, wave functions for
Theory of the half-filled Landau level.
A two-dimensional electron system in an external magnetic field, with Landau-level filling factor \ensuremath{\nu}=1/2, can be transformed to a mathematically equivalent system of fermions
Kubo formulas for viscosity: Hall viscosity, Ward identities, and the relation with conductivity
We derive from first principles the Kubo formulas for the stress-stress response function at zero wavevector that can be used to define the full complex frequency-dependent viscosity tensor, both
Low-energy effective theory in the bulk for transport in a topological phase
We construct a low-energy effective action for a two-dimensional non-relativistic topological (i.e.\ gapped) phase of matter in a continuum, which completely describes all of its bulk electrical,
Edge-state inner products and real-space entanglement spectrum of trial quantum Hall states
We consider the trial wavefunctions for the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect (FQHE) that are given by conformal blocks, and construct their associated edge excited states in full generality. The inner