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Antivirulence C-Mannosides as Antibiotic-Sparing, Oral Therapeutics for Urinary Tract Infections
It is found that FimH binding is stereospecifically modulated by hydroxyl substitution on the methylene linker, where the R-hydroxy isomer has a 60-fold increase in potency. Expand
Otopetrin 1 is required for otolith formation in the zebrafish Danio rerio.
It is demonstrated that the zebrafish, Danio rerio, contains a highly conserved gene, otop1, that is essential for otolith formation and the size and shape of the developing otolith. Expand
Bifunctional compounds for controlling metal-mediated aggregation of the aβ42 peptide.
The results suggest that the previously employed strategy of inhibiting Aβ aggregation and promoting amyloid fibril dissagregation may not be optimal for the development of potential AD therapeutics, due to formation of neurotoxic soluble Aβ(42) oligomers. Expand
Manganese(III) complexes of bis(hydroxyphenyl)dipyrromethenes are potent orally active peroxynitrite scavengers.
A new series of biscyclohexano-fused Mn(III) complexes of bis(hydroxyphenyl)dipyrromethenes, 4a-c, are shown to reduce peroxynitrite through a two-electron mechanism, thereby forming the corresponding Mn(V)O species, which were characterized by UV, NMR, and LC-MS methods. Expand
Stable mononuclear organometallic Pd(III) complexes and their C-C bond formation reactivity.
These stable Pd(III) complexes undergo light-induced C-C bond formation to give the corresponding homocoupled products ethane or biphenyl, particularly remarkable is the observation for the first time of ethane formation from monomethyl Pd complexes. Expand
Organometallic nickel(III) complexes relevant to cross-coupling and carbon-heteroatom bond formation reactions.
Overall, these results provide strong evidence for the direct involvement of organometallic Ni(III) species in cross-coupling reactions and oxidatively induced C-heteroatom bond formation reactions. Expand
Thermochromic and photoresponsive cyanometalate Fe/Co squares: toward control of the electron transfer temperature.
These experimental results show that 2 and 3 display light-induced {Fe(III)LS(μ-CN)Co(II)HS} metastable states that relax to thermodynamic ones at ca. Expand
Discovery of potent, nonsystemic apical sodium-codependent bile acid transporter inhibitors (Part 1).
The reported results describe the synthesis and SAR development of this benzothiepine class of ASBT inhibitors resulting in an 6000-fold improvement in ASBT inhibition with desired minimal systemic exposure of this locally acting drug candidate. Expand
A Generator-Produced Gallium-68 Radiopharmaceutical for PET Imaging of Myocardial Perfusion
A novel 68Ga-complex identified through mechanism-based cell screening that holds promise as a generator-produced radiopharmaceutical for PET MPI is reported. Expand
Pathway from a Molecular Precursor to Silver Nanoparticles: The Prominent Role of Aggregative Growth
A mechanistic study of Ag-nanoparticle growth by reaction of [(PPh3)2Ag(O2CC13H27)] and AIBN is reported. The half-life for precursor disappearance at 130.0 ± 0.1 °C under the reaction conditions isExpand