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Gravity Field, Shape, and Moment of Inertia of Titan
Titan Through to the Core Gravity measurements acquired from orbiting spacecraft can provide useful information about the interior of planets and their moons. Iess et al. (p. 1367; see theExpand
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The Tides of Titan
Getting to Know Titan Gravity-field measurements provide information on the interior structure of planets and their moons. Iess et al. (p. 457; published online 28 June) analyzed gravity data fromExpand
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An Improved 360 Degree and Order Model of Venus Topography
We present an improved 360 degree and order spherical harmonic solution for Venus' topography. The new model uses the most recent set of Venus altimetry data with spacecraft positions derived from aExpand
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Origin of chaos in the Prometheus-Pandora system
We demonstrate that the chaotic orbits of Prometheus and Pandora are due to interactions associated with the 121:118 mean motion resonance. Differential precession splits this resonance into aExpand
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The structure of Titan’s atmosphere from Cassini radio occultations: Occultations from the Prime and Equinox missions
Abstract We present the results of six soundings of the atmosphere of Titan by the radio occultation technique using the Cassini spacecraft currently in orbit around Saturn. These occultationsExpand
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First results from the ionospheric radio occultations of Saturn by the Cassini spacecraft
[1] The first set of near-equatorial occultations of the Saturn ionosphere was obtained by the Cassini spacecraft between May and September of 2005. The occultations occurred at near-equatorialExpand
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Gravity field and interior of Rhea from Cassini data analysis
Abstract The Cassini spacecraft encountered Rhea on November 26, 2005. Analysis of the Doppler data acquired at and around closest approach yields the mass of Rhea and the quadrupole moments of itsExpand
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The Structure of Titan's Atmosphere from Cassini Radio Occultations
Abstract We present results from the two radio occultations of the Cassini spacecraft by Titan in 2006, which probed mid-southern latitudes. Three of the ingress and egress soundings occurred withinExpand
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Cassini Radio Science
Cassini radio science investigations will be conducted both during the cruise (gravitational wave and conjunction experiments) and the Saturnian tour of the mission (atmospheric and ionosphericExpand
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Doppler Measurements of the Quadrupole Moments of Titan
Abstract Measurements of the Doppler frequency change in a microwave beam sent to and transponded back from an interplanetary spacecraft are very sensitive to the quadrupole gravitational field of aExpand
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