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A multilevel Newton algorithm with macromodeling and latency for the analysis of large-scale nonlinear circuits in the time domain
Analysis techniques which take advantage of the structural properties of large-scale electrical networks are discussed. Exact macromodels of a subnetwork are defined and a sufficient condition on theExpand
The Citadel of Cairo: A New Interpretation of Royal Mamluk Architecture
This architectural history of the Citadel of Cairo uses indices from maps, photographs, plans of hitherto unstudied structures, and a large array of historical documents to chronologicallyExpand
The courtyard house : from cultural reference to universal relevance
Contents: Preface Part I Historical and Sociological Paradigms: A house divided: the harem courtyards of the Topkapi palace, Jateen Lad Edward W. Lane's representation of the Cairene courtyard house,Expand
The Ideological Significance of the Dār al-Adl in the Medieval Islamic Orient
Medieval Islamic architecture presents the scholar with a fascinating set of histo-riographical problems. Some are methodological; others are related to the nature of the sources, and they are sharedExpand
his investigations with the formative period of the Umayyads, at a time when other scholars regarded monuments and artifacts belonging to that period as Byzantine or, even more absurdly,Expand
Architects and Artists in Mamluk Society: The Perspective of the Sources
Abstract This article analyzes the social standing of artists and architects during the Mamluk period. It shows that the majority had a rather modest status. Those few who achieved social recognitionExpand
Islamic Architecture as a Field of Historical Enquiry
For many years, Islamic architecture, as a field of historical enquiry, was hampered by Its Orientalist roots. Architectural forms were classified by types and styles, and perceived as sedate, staticExpand
The Demise and Afterlife of Artifacts
A latent macromodular approach to large-scale sparse networks
Two major topics are discussed: macromodularity and latency. The macromodular approach uses the tearing procedure, modified nodal analysis, symbolic LU factorization techniques, and separate updatingExpand