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Age and growth of some delphinids in south-eastern Brazil
This study provides the first compilation on age and growth of some delphinids in south-eastern Brazil (18°25'S–25°45'S). A total of 154 delphinids were reported: 44 Atlantic spotted dolphin StenellaExpand
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Sightings of Pontoporia blainvillei (Gervais & D' Orbigny, 1844) and Sotalia fluviatilis (Gervais, 1853) (Cetacea) in South-eastern Brazil
Pontoporia blainvillei (Gervais & DOrbigny, 1844) and Sotalia fluviatilis (Gervais, 1853) have typically coastal habits and are sympatric in South-eastern Brazil. The purpose of this work was toExpand
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A Monophyletic ZW Sex Chromosome System in Leporinus (Anostomidae, Characiformes)
Leporinus is a fish group rich in species which occurs from Central America to the River Plate basin in South America. From a cytologic viewpoint, this group is characterized by the occurrence ofExpand
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Avoidance of filial cannibalism by sexual and clonal forms ofPoeciliopsis (Pisces: Poeciliidae)
Abstract Few studies have investigated the innate tendencies of newborn fish to avoid cannibalism by parents. Parental avoidance by neonates of viviparous fish in the genusPoeciliopsiswas examined.Expand
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Morphology of the franciscana ( Pontoporia blainvillei ) off southeastern Brazil: sexual dimorphism, growth and geographic variation
Variations in body and skull morphology may exhibit geographic differences evidencing distinct population stocks. The objectives of the present study were to analyze such variation to test theExpand
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Parasitic castration, growth, and sex steroids in the freshwater bonefish Cyphocharax gilbert (Curimatidae) infested by Riggia paranensis (Cymothoidea)
being unable to repro-duce. Fish were sampled in the middle rio Itabapoana, Brazil, to study the prevalence of parasitism, growth, and sex steroidconcentrations, considering the body size, sex, andExpand
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Infestation pattern and parasitic castration of the crustacean Riggia paranensis (Crustacea: Cymothoidea) on the fresh water fish Cyphocharax gilbert (Teleostei: Curimatidae)
Cyphocharax gilbert infested by Riggia paranensis shows parasitic castration. The prevalence of parasitism in C. gilbert varied among different environments, being higher in the middle rioExpand
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Fishing activity in Northern Rio de Janeiro State (Brazil) and its relation with small cetaceans
Research on fishing activity at Atafona village, in Northern Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (21°35'S), was carried out between 1987-96 for the purpose of relating it to the accidental capture of smallExpand
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Morphology of the Guiana dolphin ( Sotalia guianensis ) off southeastern Brazil: growth and geographic variation
The objective of this study was to analyze the morphology of Guiana dolphin ( Sotalia guianensis ) to evaluate the existence of geographical variation along southeastern Brazil. Body length and 39Expand
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Mercury concentration in the freshwater bonefish Cyphocharax gilbert (Curimatidae) and its parasite the crustacean Riggia paranensis (Cymothoidae)
Fish parasites can accumulate heavy metals reaching higher concentrations than the host and may affect the host's bioaccumulation. The present study compared total mercury concentration in the liverExpand
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