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Abstract The estuarine chemistry of dissolved humic acids was determined by carrying out both field and laboratory studies. These approaches were combined in an investigation of the Amazon estuaryExpand
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Major outputs of the recent multidisciplinary biogeochemical researches undertaken in the Aegean Sea
The main outputs of a multidisciplinary and integrated studies are summarised. The results incorporate the latest biogeochemical researches, at basin scale, in the Aegean Sea (including thermohalineExpand
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Organic Geochemistry
Organic GeochemistryMethods and Results. Edited by G. Eglinton and M. T. J. Murphy. Pp. xxiv + 828. (Longman: London; Springer-Verlag: Berlin, Heidelberg and New York, May 1970.) 360s.
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The behaviour of molybdenum and manganese during early sediment diagenesis — offshore Baja California, Mexico
One oceanic and three hemipelagic box cores, taken off Baja California, reveal a surficial enrichment of Mn and Mo. Detailed investigation of the geochemical changes with depth in these coresExpand
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Geochemistry of Namibian Shelf Sediments
The modern sediments accumulating on the Namibian shelf between 20° and 26°S latitude are composed predominantly of biogenous material: organic matter, diatomaceous silica and calcium carbonate. AExpand
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Lack of enhanced preservation of organic matter in sediments under the oxygen minimum on the Oman Margin
The impingement of oxygen minima on continental margins is widely thought to promote the accumulation of sedimentary facies enriched in well-preserved organic matter. It is shown here, however, thatExpand
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The contrasting geochemical behaviours of iodine and bromine in recent sediments from the Namibian shelf
Abstract The vertical distribution of iodine, bromine and organic carbon has been examined in sediment cores from a range of environments on the Namibian shelf. The relationship between Br and C org.Expand
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The geochemistry of manganese carbonate in Panama Basin sediments
Abstract The Mn distribution in Panama Basin area sediments and interstitial waters is discussed. Striking surficial Mn enrichments produced by a well-known diagenetic recycling process characterizeExpand
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The scavenging of U,230Th and 231Pa during pulsed hydrothermal activity at 20°S, East Pacific Rise
Abstract Uranium, Th and Pa isotopes were measured in eight box-cores from two transects to the west of the East Pacific Rise at 10°S and 20°S. Sediment geochemistry (Al, Ca, Fe, Mn) and water columnExpand
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Mass balance of trace metals in the Adriatic Sea
A first order mass balance of six different trace metals (Mn, Fe, Pb, Zn, Cu, Ni) was presented for a 1-year period for the different compartments of the Adriatic Sea: compartment 1 (northernExpand
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