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Interactions between deliberation and delay-discounting in rats
When faced with decisions, rats sometimes pause and look back and forth between possible alternatives, a phenomenon termed vicarious trial and error (VTE). When it was first observed in the 1930s,Expand
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Representational changes of latent strategies in rat medial prefrontal cortex precede changes in behaviour
The ability to change behavioural strategies in the face of a changing world has been linked to the integrity of medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) function in several species. While recording studiesExpand
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Modelling the dynamic drape of fabrics on synthetic humans: a physical, lumped‐parameter model
True 3‐D garment design (CAD) systems are fundamental for the next generation of intelligent textile and garment manufacture and retailing. Reports a new approach for modelling fabric. The fabricExpand
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MRI by steering resonance through space
This work introduces a technique to excite MR signals locally and to steer this localized region over the object in a spatiotemporal manner. The purpose is to demonstrate the feasibility of MRI withExpand
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Complex neural codes in rat prelimbic cortex are stable across days on a spatial decision task
The rodent prelimbic cortex has been shown to play an important role in cognitive processing, and has been implicated in encoding many different parameters relevant to solving decision-making tasks.Expand
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Feasibility of single‐voxel MRS measurement of apparent diffusion coefficient of water in breast tumors
We report initial results with single voxel spectroscopy (SVS) using diffusion weighting and localization by adiabatic selective refocusing (LASER) in breast tumors to measure the apparent diffusionExpand
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Ultrastructural analysis of the rehydration of desiccatedNostoc commune HUN (cyanobacteria) with particular reference to the immunolabelling of NifH
SummaryVegetative cells and heterocysts of the filamentous desiccation-tolerant cyanobacteriumNostoc commune HUN retain their ultrastructural organisation and the integrity of their intra- andExpand
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Gradient rotating outer volume excitation (GROOVE): A novel method for single‐shot two‐dimensional outer volume suppression
To introduce a new outer volume suppression (OVS) technique that uses a single pulse and rotating gradients to accomplish frequency‐swept excitation. This new technique, which is called gradientExpand
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Modelling the dynamic drape of garments on synthetic humans in a virtual fashion show
Reports the dynamic modelling of garments on synthetic humans. Develops the model based on a physical analogue to a deep shell system for describing and predicting the real 3‐D shape of clothes.Expand
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Which way do I go? Strategic representations in rat prefrontal cortex on spatial decision tasks
University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. October 2014. Major: Neuroscience. Advisor: A Redish. 1 computer file (PDF); viii, 116 pages.