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A concise dictionary of Akkadian
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The evidence for early writing: utilitarian or ceremonial
A comparison of the evidence for the earliest scripts in different parts of the world suggests that an apparent preponderance of ceremonial; and symbolic usage should not be interpreted tooExpand
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Bronze Age Bureaucracy: Writing and the Practice of Government in Assyria
1. Introduction 2. The land of Assur in the late Bronze Age 3. Writing in Assyria: the scribes and their output 4. Archives at Assur 5. Archives in the provinces 6. The government of Assyria and itsExpand
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Wool, Hair and Textiles in Assyria
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Excavations at Kilise Tepe 2009
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How Many Sumerians per Hectare? — Probing the Anatomy of an Early City
Excavations at the Early Dynastic site of Abu Salabikh in southern Iraq have aimed at recovering a rounded view of early urban life. One of the questions regularly and rightly asked about our resultsExpand
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Kilise Tepe 2007
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A Luwian Shrine? The Stele Building at Kilise Tepe
This chapter describes the IIa/b and IIc phases of the Stele Building as a "shrine", and treats these symbolic features as attributes of a Luwian religious structure. The central space, called RoomExpand
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