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Food and Prices in India : Impact of Rising Food Prices on Welfare
T he paper presents the impact of a simulated increase in food prices on the household’s welfare in India from the NSS Survey ”Consumer Expenditure” (Round 61st). It attempts to understand whichExpand
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Seasonal variations of interleukin-4 and interferon-γ release by peripheral blood mononuclear cells from atopic subjects stimulated by polyclonal activators
Abstract IgE synthesis is controlled by interleukin (IL)-4 and interferon (IFN)-γ, but there is heterogeneity in the IL-4 response depending on the sensitization of patients and natural allergenExpand
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Spin-orbital strain effects in semiconductors
We reconsider spin-orbit contribution to strain effects in semiconductors within six-valence-band k · p model. We demonstrate that standard procedure for including that contribution is generallyExpand
Une structure de controle orientee manuvres pour un robot mobile
Ce travail de these traite de l'elaboration d'une structure de controle d'un robot mobile autonome. Cette structure orientee manuvre permet l'interfacage entre un systeme haut niveau de planificationExpand
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Treball de l'hort al cicle inicial
L'experiencia s'ha realitzat a l'escola Sinera, un centre public d'una linia situat a la vila d'Arenys de Mar. Fa quatre anys, el Departament d'Educacio va concedir-nos un projecte d'innovacioExpand
Three-dimensional k·p quantum simulations of p-type nanowire MOS transistors: Influence of ionized impurity
We have developed a full three-dimensional real-space quantum transport simulator for p-type nanowire field effect transistor. The model is based on a six-band k·p Hamiltonian expressed within theExpand
On the typification of Phoma sacchari (Cooke) Sacc
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