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Wheeler-DeWitt quantization can solve the singularity problem
We study the Wheeler-DeWitt quantum cosmology of a spatially flat Friedmann cosmological model with a massless free scalar field. We compare the consistent histories approach with the de Broglie-Bohm
Quantum cosmology: how to interpret and obtain results
We argue that the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics cannot be applied to quantum cosmology. Among the alternative interpretations, we choose to apply the Bohm-de Broglie interpretation
Quantum cosmology from the de Broglie–Bohm perspective
We review the main results that have been obtained in quantum cosmology from the perspective of the de Broglie?Bohm quantum theory. As it is a dynamical theory of assumed objectively real
Cosmology without inflation
We propose a new cosmological paradigm in which our observed expanding phase is originated from an initially large contracting Universe that subsequently experienced a bounce. This category of
Bohmian Quantum Gravity and Cosmology
Quantum gravity aims to describe gravity in quantum mechanical terms. How exactly this needs to be done remains an open question. Various proposals have been put on the table, such as canonical
Quantum cosmological perturbations of multiple fluids
The formalism to treat quantization and evolution of cosmological perturbations of multiple fluids is described. We first construct the Lagrangian for both the gravitational and matter parts,
Gravitational wave background in perfect fluid quantum cosmologies
We discuss the gravitational wave background produced by bouncing models based on a full quantum evolution of a universe filled with a perfect fluid. Using an ontological interpretation for the
The Causal Interpretation of Conformally Coupled Scalar Field Quantum Cosmology
We apply the causal interpretation of quantum mechanics to homogeneous and isotropic quantum cosmology, where the source of the gravitational field is a conformally coupled scalar field, and the
Noncommutative geometry and cosmology
We study some consequences of noncommutativity to homogeneous cosmologies by introducing a deformation of the commutation relation between the minisuperspace variables. The investigation is carried