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Saccharomyces bacillaris is not a synonym of Candida stellata: reinstatement as Starmerella bacillaris comb. nov.
Torulopsis bacillaris (Kroemer and Krumbholz) Lodder (basionym Saccharomyces bacillaris Kroemer and Krumbholz) was frequently detected in oenological works on yeast ecology conducted in the mid-1950s
Shoot segment and substrate composition in rooting of juvenile ipe-roxo mini-cuttings
This study aimed to evaluate the rooting capability of apical and nodal mini-cuttings of ipe-roxo ( Handroanthus heptaphyllus ) in different substrates. Shoots produced from mini-stumps were
Morphophysiological quality of yerba mate plantlets produced by mini-cuttings
The polyethylene bags allowed the production of yerba mate plantlets with satisfactory quality of shoot and roots, regardless of the volume, and the best combinations of shoot height, length, surface area, total volume and number of root tips and Dickson quality index were found.
Production and rooting of cordia - Cordia trichotoma (Vell.) Arrab. ex Steud. mini- cuttings collected from ministumps of asexual and seminal origin
Mini-cuttings from ministumps of asexual origin showed higher rooting capability and the use of 1000mg L-1 NAA did not increase the rooting percentage of cordia mini- cuttings.
The cultivation of grapia micro-stumps in media with activated charcoal increases the productivity of micro-cuttings per micro-Stumps, but in the absence of activated charcoal induces callus formation and indirect organogenesis of shoots.
Effect of mini-cutting size on adventitious rooting and morphophysiological quality of Ilex paraguariensis plantlets
Single-bud mini-cuttings up to 2.5 cm long have similar adventitious rooting competence, and result in plantlets with adequate morphophysiological quality, based upon leaf development, shoot height, stem diameter and length, and surface area, volume and diameter of roots.
Sucrose and sorbitol on the in vitro conservation of Pfaffia tuberosa (Spreng.) Hicken (Amaranthaceae).
The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of sucrose and sorbitol during the in vitro conservation of Pfaffia tuberosa (Spreng.) Hicken. Therefore, nodal segments derived from in vitro cultures
Establishment, multiplication, rooting and acclimatization of Cabralea canjerana (Vell.) Martius
Neither the base medium nor the auxin had a significant effect on the survival of micro-cuttings after 60 days of cultivation, but the addition of 5.0 µM of NAA to the basal medium increased the percentages of in vitro rooting and the percentage of survival during acclimatization of canjerana plantlets.
Rooting and acclimatization of "Apuleia leiocarpa" plantlets
espanolApuleia leiocarpa es una especie de arbol en peligro de extincion con madera de alta calidad. Su propagacion por medio de semillas es dificil por que la aparicion de frutos es irregular y por