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Contrasts in agglomeration: proto-industrial, industrial and post-industrial forms compared
For geographers and economists, urban agglomeration remains an enduring feature of the industrial landscape and a perennial source of theoretical and empirical interest. Curiously, despite thisExpand
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Clusters, Dispersion and the Spaces in Between: For an Economic Geography of the Banal
While the geographical clustering of economic activities remains an enduring feature of the industrial landscape and a perennial source of theoretical and empirical interest, the geographical scaleExpand
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Cluster or Capture? Manufacturing Foreign Direct Investment, External Economies and Agglomeration
Phelps N. A. Cluster or capture? Manufacturing foreign direct investment, external economies and agglomeration, Regional Studies. This paper reviews the nature and significance of external economiesExpand
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Multinationals, Intracorporate Competition, and Regional Development*
Abstract In this paper we concentrate on a neglected process in the restructuring of multinational enterprises (MNEs) and the formation of spatial divisions of labor. Existing conceptions ofExpand
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Post-Suburban Europe: Planning and Politics at the Margins of Europe's Capital Cities
Post-suburbia is a term that encapsulates a variety of contemporary urban forms, in particular the 'edge city' - a term used to describe the rapid growth of new urban centres at the edges ofExpand
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The New Post-suburban Politics?
Settlements variously termed ‘ex-urbs’, ‘edge cities’, ‘technoburbs’ are taken to signal something different from suburbia and as a consequence might be considered post-suburban. Existing literatureExpand
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Multinational Enterprises, Repeat Investment and the Role of Aftercare Services in Wales and Ireland
Fuller C. and Phelps N. A. (2004) Multinational enterprises, repeat investment and the role of aftercare services in Wales and Ireland, Regional Studies38, 783-801. Repeat investment by multinationalExpand
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Lost in Translation? Local Interests, Global Actors and Inward Investment Regimes
Global economic integration is often viewed as a process orchestrated from 'above' by constituents of an emergent transnational class. Yet such perspectives neglect the autonomous contributions madeExpand
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Small Firms, Borrowed Size and the Urban‐Rural Shift
In this paper we suggest that some elements of the observed urban-rural shift in firm formation and growth may centre on the phenomenon of 'borrowed size'. In doing so, we make a link betweenExpand
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