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Growth yield increase linked to caffeate reduction in Acetobacterium woodii
Growth yields were determined with Acetobacterium woodii strain NZva 16 on hydrogen and CO2, formate, methanol, vanillate, ferulate and fructose in mineral medium in the absence and presence of 0.05%Expand
Studies on dissimilatory sulfate-reducing bacteria that decompose fatty acids
Three strains (2ac9, 3ac10 and 4ac11) of oval to rodshaped, Gram negative, nonsporing sulfate-reducing bacteria were isolated from brackish water and marine mud samples with acetate as sole electronExpand
An extremely low‐light adapted phototrophic sulfur bacterium from the Black Sea
Five strains of a brown phototrophic sulfur bacterium (Chlorobium phaeobacteroides) were isolated from the chemocline of the Black Sea (80-m depth). All contain bacteriochlorophyll e as the mainExpand
Rhodocyclus purpureus gen. nov. and sp. nov., a Ring-Shaped, Vitamin B12-Requiring Member of the Family Rhodospirillaceae
The dominant phototrophic bacterium in a water sample from a purplish red waste-water lagoon was isolated in pure culture. The individual cells of this organism were half-ring-shaped and ring-shapedExpand
The Family Chromatiaceae
The Family Chromatiaceae (purple sulfur bacteria) comprises physiologically and genetically closely related species and genera (Fowler et al., 1984) that carry out anoxygenic photosynthesis. The mostExpand
Isolation of Members of the Family Rhodospirillaceae
The purple nonsulfur bacteria (Rhodospirillaceae) comprise different morphological types of photo-trophic bacteria that can photoassimilate simple organic compounds under anaerobic conditions. TheyExpand
Rhodopseudomonas globiformis, sp. n., a new species of the Rhodospirillaceae
Enrichments of pH: 5.1, inoculated from a warm, acidic sulfur spring of the Yellowstone Park, yielded purple red cultures of a mobile, spherical organism belonging to the Rhodospirillaceae, describedExpand
Studies on dissimilatory sulfate-reducing bacteria that decompose fatty acids II. Incomplete oxidation of propionate by Desulfobulbus propionicus gen. nov., sp. nov.
A new type of sulfate-reducing bacteria with ellipsoidal to lemon-shaped cells was regularly enriched from anaerobic freshwater and marine mud samples when mineral media with propionate and sulfateExpand
Growth yields of green sulfur bacteria in mixed cultures with sulfur and sulfate reducing bacteria
Abstract1. Dry weight yields from mixed cultures ofProsthecochloris aestuarii orChlorobium limicola with the sulfur reducingDesulfuromonas acetoxidans were determined on different growth limitingExpand
The Dissimilatory Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
The microbial reduction of elemental sulfur to hydrogen sulfide under anaerobic conditions has been observed and described repeatedly during the past 100 years (Beijerinck, 1895; Omelianski, 1904;Expand