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Review of the generic level classification of New World Mantispidae (Neuroptera)
A classificacao superior de Mantispidae no Novo Mundo e revisado. Chaves sao fornecidas para subfamilias, tribos e generos para o Novo Mundo. O genero Fusa e sinonomizado com Gerstaeckerella, NobregaExpand
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The Genus Ceraeochrysa (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) of America North of Mexico: Larvae, Adults, and Comparative Biology
Abstract Ceraeochrysa, with 46 described species, is the largest New World genus in the green lacewing tribe Chrysopini. It encompasses numerous species that have major potential for efficient massExpand
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Neuroptera of the Amazon basin. Part 11a. Introduction and chrysopint.
33 species of Chrisopini are described and illustrated, of wich 30 are recorded from the Amazon Basin. Ten new species are described in Chrisopodes(duckei, spinella, nebulosa, lineafrons, polygonica,Expand
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Muscidae (Diptera) from Madagascar: identification keys, descriptions of new species, and new records.
The Madagascan Muscidae fauna is known only from scattered publications by a variety of authors, containing mainly descriptions of new species. Previous records of Madagascan muscids amount to 78Expand
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Neuroptera of the Amazon Basin. Part 3 Ascalaphidae
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Insects of an Amazon Forest
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The order Mecoptera is analysed morphologically to determine what the ancestral condition could have been, this order's relation to other holometabolous orders, and how the various families evolvedExpand
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