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After Colonialism: Imperial Histories and Postcolonial Displacements; Orientalism and the Postcolonlal Predicament: Perspectives on South Asia:After Colonialism: Imperial Histories and Postcolonial
After Colonialism: Imperial Histories and Postcolonial Displacements. GYAN PRAKASH, ed. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1995. viii + 352 pp., notes, contributors, index. Orientalism andExpand
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Disciplining the Body, Disciplining the Body-Politic: Physical Culture and Social Violence among North Indian Wrestlers
In the early evening of 14 September 1989, ferocious Hindu-Muslim rioting broke out in the city of Kota in the north Indian state of Rajasthan. The rioting started during the Hindu festival of AnantExpand
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Hindu Kingship and Polity in Precolonial India
1. The King is dead, long live the King!: or Karmic Kin(g)ship in Kota 2. In whose turban does the Lord reside?: Kings, Saints, and merchants in Western India 3. Military fiscalism and the culturalExpand
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In Whose Turban Does the Lord Reside?: The Objectification of Charisma and the Fetishism of Objects in the Hindu Kingdom of Kota
The shiny, black stone statue of Shri Nathji that today resides in the busy pilgrimage town of Nathdvara (Rajasthan, India) is the preeminent image of the Vaisnava sect of the Vallabha Sampradaya.Expand
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Collective violence in our time
Theft of an Idol: Text and Context in the Representation of Collective Violence. Paul R. Brass. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1997. xvi +298 pp., figures, tables, notes, index. The ColorsExpand
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Knowledge Formation in Colonial India
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