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Morphofunctional characteristics of the lumbar enlargement of the spinal cord in rats
The topography of the lumbar enlargement of the spinal cord in rats was studied; an immunohistochemical method was used to determine the distribution of synaptophysin — a membrane protein of synapticExpand
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Locomotion induced by epidural stimulation in a decerebrated cat after spinal cord injury
The effect of partial and complete spinal cord transection (Th7–Th8) on locomotor activity evoked in decerebrated cats by electrical epidural stimulation (segment L5, 80–100 μA, 0.5 ms at 5 Hz) hasExpand
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Prediction Algorithm of the Cat Spinal Segments Lengths and Positions in Relation to the Vertebrae
Detailed knowledge of the topographic organization and precise access to the spinal cord segments is crucial for the neurosurgical manipulations as well as in vivo neurophysiological investigationsExpand
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Rapid prototyping of soft bioelectronic implants for use as neuromuscular interfaces.
Neuromuscular interfaces are required to translate bioelectronic technologies for application in clinical medicine. Here, by leveraging the robotically controlled ink-jet deposition of low-viscosityExpand
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Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Stabilization of Vertical Wells on High Performance Computing Systems
Temperature stabilization of oil and gas wells is used to ensure stability and prevent deformation of a subgrade estuary zone. Expand
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Morphofunctional study of injured spinal cord of rats after activation of serotonergic receptors and motor load
412 It is known that the distal part of the spinal cord isolated from the upper areas by cutting at the middle thoracic level possesses the mechanisms that can induce the locomotor activity ofExpand
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Morphofunctional Studies of the Involvement of the Serotoninergic System in the Control of Postural and Locomotor Functions
Various transmitter systems, including the serotoninergic, influence the locomotor behavior of animals. Studies have shown that the spinal cord, deprived of supraspinal control, has mechanisms ableExpand
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Идентификация заболеваний нервной системы кристалломорфологическим методом
Предложена дифференциальная диагностика заболеваний головного и спинного мозга кристалломорфологическим методом. Выявлена смена формы кристаллов, связанная с изменением химического состава ликвора.Expand