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The design and implementation of Grid database services in OGSA‐DAI
Initially, Grid technologies were principally associated with supercomputer centres and large‐scale scientific applications in physics and astronomy. They are now increasingly seen as being relevantExpand
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Active database systems
Active database systems support mechanisms that enable them to respond automatically to events that are taking place either inside or outside the database system itself. Considerable effort has beenExpand
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The minimum information about a proteomics experiment (MIAPE)
Both the generation and the analysis of proteomics data are now widespread, and high-throughput approaches are commonplace. Protocols continue to increase in complexity as methods and technologiesExpand
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Object-oriented databases - a semantic data model approach
Overview of semantic data modelling the extended functional data model as a semantic data model issues in application programming and persistent storage of entities and functions object-orientedExpand
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Active Rules in Database Systems
From the Publisher: Active rules provide a new and important method for developing database applications, and the subject is seeing an increasing amount of attention from commercial databaseExpand
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The Grid 2: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure (2nd edition),
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Rule Management in Object Oriented Databases: A Uniform Approach
Rules have been proposed for providing active behaviour in DBMS. Previous attempts to add rules to Object Oriented DBs have often resulted in a dichotomy between rules and other kind of objects. BereExpand
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User Interface Modeling in UMLi
Although user interfaces represent an essential part of software systems, the Unified Modeling Language )UML) seems to have been developed with little specific attention given to user interfaceExpand
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Comparative Genome Analysis of Filamentous Fungi Reveals Gene Family Expansions Associated with Fungal Pathogenesis
Fungi and oomycetes are the causal agents of many of the most serious diseases of plants. Here we report a detailed comparative analysis of the genome sequences of thirty-six species of fungi andExpand
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Resource Scheduling for Parallel Query Processing on Computational Grids
Advances in network technologies and the emergence of grid computing have both increased the need and provided the infrastructure for computation and data intensive applications to run overExpand
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