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Media-independent handover for seamless service provision in heterogeneous networks
The main seamless mobility principles are identified and used as the basis for further evaluating the potential of the IEEE 802.21 standard to meet the requirements of applications for minimum disruption during an inter-technology handover. Expand
Mobility Management for Femtocells in LTE-Advanced: Key Aspects and Survey of Handover Decision Algorithms
A comprehensive discussion on the key aspects and research challenges of MM support in the presence of femtocells, with the emphasis given on the phases of a) cell identification, b) access control, c) cell search, d) cell selection/reselection, e) handover (HO) decision, and f) HO execution. Expand
Quality of experience management in mobile cellular networks: key issues and design challenges
A conceptual framework for achieving end-to-end QoE provisioning is proposed and described in detail in terms of its design, its constituents and their interactions, as well as the key implementation challenges. Expand
ARROW: An Efficient Traffic Scheduling Algorithm for IEEE 802.11e HCCA
A novel traffic scheduling algorithm for IEEE 802.11e, referred to as ARROW (adaptive resource reservation over WLANs), which aims at providing improved performance for the support of multimedia traffic. Expand
Informal Value Transfer Systems and Criminal Organizations; A Study into So-Called Underground Banking Networks
This is the first systematic study into so-called "underground banking" networks. The research was funded by the Ministry of Justice of The Netherlands. It is the study that coined the term "InformalExpand
Quality-of-service-oriented medium access control for wireless ATM networks
The medium access control (MAC) protocol and the underlying traffic scheduling algorithm developed within project Magic WAND are presented and the results of the simulation of a number of scenarios are presented to assess the performance of the proposed algorithm. Expand
Global Anomie, Dysnomie and Economic Crime: Hidden Consequences of Neoliberalism and Globalization i
  • N. Passas
  • Economics, Political Science
  • 22 June 2000
A flexible joint for a conduit transporting fluid under pressure includes a pair of spaced rigid rings. An annular flexible element is disposed between and sealingly engaging the rings so as toExpand
Handover management architectures in integrated WLAN/cellular networks
This survey gives an overview of the most recent handover management architectures for integrated WLAN/Cellular networks, focusing mainly on 802.11-based WLANs and GPRS/UMTS cellular networks. Expand
A decision support system for managing forest fire casualties.
The results of scientific research aiming to the development of a DSS for managing forest fires are presented, which provides a series of software tools for the assessment of the propagation and combating of forest fires based on Arc/Info, ArcView, Arc Spatial Analyst, Arc Avenue, and Visual C++ technologies. Expand
MAC protocol and traffic scheduling for wireless ATM networks
The paper focuses on the description of PRADOS, a delay‐oriented traffic scheduling algorithm, which aims at satisfying the requirements of the various traffic classes defined by the ATM architecture. Expand