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Probabilistic Caching in Wireless D2D Networks: Cache Hit Optimal Versus Throughput Optimal
Departing from the conventional cache hit optimization in cache-enabled wireless networks, we consider an alternative optimization approach for the probabilistic caching placement in stochasticExpand
Age of Information: A New Concept, Metric, and Tool
In an increasingly networked world in which information is becoming increasingly actual, how can a system know with certainty just how fresh the information on a remote system is? Much work has beenExpand
Marketing strategies, perceived risks, and consumer trust in online buying behaviour
Despite the rapid increase in online shopping, the literature is silent in terms of the interrelationship between perceived risk factors, the marketing impacts, and their influence on product andExpand
Optimal utilization of a cognitive shared channel with a rechargeable primary source node
This paper considers the scenario in which a set of nodes share a common channel. Expand
Hosting mega events: Londoners' support of the 2012 Olympics
Abstract Mega-event successes depend considerably on the host community's support, even if their planning and development allows little input from local residents. This study examines the use of aExpand
Age of information of multiple sources with queue management
We consider a system of multiple sources generating status update packets, which need to be sent by a single transmitter to a destination over a network. Expand
Allocation of Heterogeneous Resources of an IoT Device to Flexible Services
We prove the NP-completeness of the problem and develop two algorithms to approximate the optimal solution for big instance sizes. Expand
Optimization of Free Space Optical Wireless Network for Cellular Backhauling
We present a novel integer linear programming model to approach optimal FSO backhaul design, guaranteeing $K$-disjoint paths connecting each node pair. Expand
Resource Optimization With Flexible Numerology and Frame Structure for Heterogeneous Services
We explore the potential of optimizing resource allocation with flexible numerology in frequency domain and variable frame structure in time domain, with services of with different types of requirements. Expand
Age and value of information: Non-linear age case
We consider a real-time status update system consisting of a source-destination network. Expand