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Siglec-9 and SHP-1 Are Differentially Expressed in Neonatal and Adult Neutrophils
Neonatal PMN (polymorphonuclear neutrophils) exhibit altered inflammatory responsiveness and greater longevity compared with adult PMN; however, the involved mechanisms are incompletely defined.Expand
The transcription-repression domain of the adenovirus E1A oncoprotein targets p300 at the promoter
Extensive mutational/functional analysis of the transcription-repression domain encoded in the N-terminal 80 amino acids of the adenovirus E1A 243R oncoprotein suggests a model for the molecularExpand
Adenovirus E1A proteins are closely associated with chromatin in productively infected and transformed cells.
The adenovirus E1A 243R oncoprotein encodes a potent transcription-repression function within the N-terminal 80 amino acids. Our proposed model of E1A repression predicts that E1A interacts withExpand