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Epiphytic Moss Flora of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve (M.P.): An Important Aspect of Bryophyte Diversity
The present work describes 13 epiphytes belonging to 9 families and 11 genera among which 5 taxa viz. Expand
Bryum dunense Smith et Whitehouse (Bryophyta: Bryaceae): New to Central India
Bryum dunense Smith et Whitehouse is an acrocarpous moss, belonging to family Bryaceae, has been earlier reported from Kumbhalgarh (Rajasthan) only. During recent investigation its range is extendedExpand
In Vitro Culture of an Endangered and Endemic Indian Liverwort: Stephensoniellabrevipedunculata Kashyap (Marchantiophyta)
Ex plants (apical thallus part) directly regenerated into well developed thalli, while spontaneous regeneration via callus formation was also observed in presence of certain contaminating microbes. Expand
Nutrient changes in direct-seeded submerged rice soils with varying nutrio-environments
SummaryNutrient changes in submerged rice soil were studied in soil-water-plant ecosystem in direct-seeded rice crop. Continuous removal of nutrients by the crop resulted in ultimate decrease in theExpand
New national and regional bryophyte records, 45
D. S. G. Henriques, O. R. Gil-Novoa, M. E. Morales-Puentes, S. D. Pantivić, A. Sabovljeviš, J. Sabo, Sjögren, D. Sawicki,M. Expand
New national and regional bryophyte records, 61
L. T. Ellis, O. M. Afonina, I. V. Czernyadjeva, T. G. Ivchenko, S. S. Kholod, V. M. Kotkova, E. Yu. Kuzmina, A. D. Potemkin, Yu. M. Sergeeva, A. K. Asthana, D. Gupta, V. Sahu, P. Srivastava, V. A.Expand
New national and regional bryophyte records, 27
ub lis he d by M an ey P ub lis hi ng ( c) B rit is h B ry ol og ic al S oc ie ty Bryological Note New national and regional bryophyte records, 27 L T Ellis, A K Asthana, Vinay Sahu, P Bansal, VExpand
Morphogenetic Studies and "In vitro" Propagation of Two Mosses: "Philonotis Thwaitesii" Mitt. and "Brachythecium Plumosum" (Hedw.) B.S.G.
Well differentiated gametophytes of Philonotis thwaitesii Mitt., an acrocarpous moss and Brachythecium plumosum (Hedw.) B.S.G., a pleurocarpous moss have been raised in vitro by inoculating theirExpand
Bryophyte Diversity on Erythrina arborescens in Nainital
Comparison of the bryophyte diversity associated with the tree bark of Erythrina arborescens Roxb. Expand
Morphogenetic Studies on Two Mosses, Bryum dichotomum and Entodon macropodus Grown In Vitro
Axenic cultures of two moss taxa viz. Bryum dichotomum Hedw., an acrocarpous moss and Entodon macropodus (Hedw.) Müll. Hal., a pleurocarpous moss were established by inoculating their spores intoExpand