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Respiratory response to inspired CO2 during acclimatization to an altitude of 12, 470 feet.
The respiratory stimulation produced by adding graded amounts of CO2 to the inspired gas was studied in four adult male subjects at sea level and during acclimatization to an altitude of 12,470 feet.Expand
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Weight growth of colony-reared chimpanzees.
Body weight data, collected routinely from the US Air Force chimpanzee colony at Holloman AFB, was used for a longitudinal analysis of growth. Data were fitted to a model based on human growthExpand
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Thermoneutral zone and scaling of metabolic rate on body mass in small mammals
A 4-species animal model suitable for experimental study of the effect of change in gravitational loading on the scale relationship between metabolic rate and total body mass is used to study theExpand
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Studies on body composition; use of radioactive hydrogen for measurement in vivo of total body water.
  • N. Pace, L. Kline
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Journal of biological chemistry
  • 1 May 1947
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