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Composition and technology of tinidazole core tablets
An important current task for Russian pharmacy is the development of commercial production of some reproduced preparations (generics), in particular, of the antibacterial and antiprotozoal drugs. One
Use of the “dissolution” test for evaluation of the pharmaceutical equivalence of tablet formulations of phenazepam
Studies of the dissolution of tablet medicinal formulations of phenazepam are reported. The dissolution profiles of these medicinal forms are compared. Comparative evaluation of their pharmaceutical
Methods for the Analysis and Standardization of Drugs Belonging to the Class of Barbituric Acid Derivatives (A Review)
Barbituric acid derivatives possess a rather broad spectrum of therapeutic activity. In particular, drugs belonging to this class of compounds have been used for more than a century as hypnotics and
Current state of IR spectroscopy applied to pharmaceutical analysis
Various techniques of IR spectroscopy are considered from the standpoint of their application in pharmaceutical analysis. It is demonstrated that attenuated total reflectance in the mid-IR range and
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of geminal bis-hydroperoxides
A series of six new geminal bis-hydroperoxides were synthesized based on cyclic ketones. Experiments in vitro show that the synthesized compounds exhibit pronounced antimicrobial properties that are
Use of UV spectra for the identification of sulfanilamide preparations
The identification of most sulfanilamide preparations is based on the general group reaction of azo-coupling and differentiation of substances chiefly according to the reaction with copper sulfate
Quantitative estimation of components of combined hormonal contraceptives by HPLC
Published methods for the quantitative estimation (colorimetry, UV spectrophotometry, and fluorimetry) of the active components of oral contraceptives do not meet specificity requirements and do not
Development of the Composition and Production Technology of Carvedilol Tablets
The development of new effective cardiovascular drugs is a currently important task of pharmacy. Carvedilol, or 1-(carbazol-4-yloyl)-3-[[2-O-methoxyphenoxy)ethyl]amino]2-propanol or
Evaluating the pharmaceutical equivalence of drugs in the registration stage
Comparative data on the dissolution kinetics profiles of more than 200 drug pairs have been analyzed. It is shown that the comparative dissolution test provides effective evaluation of the
Direct molding technology for the production of zolpidem tablets
Results of the selection of auxiliary components and the optimization of technology of 10-mg zolpidem tablets are presented. A direct molding technology of zolpidem tablets has been developed with