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Mathematical Topics Between Classical and Quantum Mechanics
Introductory Overview.- I. Observables and Pure States.- Observables.- Pure States.- From Pure States to Observables.- II. Quantization and the Classical Limit.- Foundations.- Quantization on FlatExpand
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Between classical and quantum
The relationship between classical and quantum theory is of central importance to the philosophy of physics, and any interpretation of quantum mechanics has to clarify it. Our discussion of thisExpand
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A Topos for Algebraic Quantum Theory
The aim of this paper is to relate algebraic quantum mechanics to topos theory, so as to construct new foundations for quantum logic and quantum spaces. Motivated by Bohr’s idea that the empiricalExpand
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Real- and imaginary-time field theory at finite temperature and density
Abstract This report gives a detailed account of relativistic quantum field theory in the grand canonical ensemble. Three approaches are discussed: traditional Euclidean Matsubara, and two recentlyExpand
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A random walk down Wall Street
Al jaren organiseert de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen een wiskundetoernooi voor scholieren. Het toernooi staat open voor maximaal vijfhonderd scholieren die het in teams van vijf tegen elkaarExpand
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Observation and superselection in quantum mechanics
Abstract We attempt to clarify the main conceptual issues in approaches to ‘objectification’ or ‘measurement’ in quantum mechanics which are based on superselection rules. Such approaches venture toExpand
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Quantization of Poisson algebras associated to Lie algebroids
We prove the existence of a strict deformation quantization for the canonical Poisson structure on the dual of an integrable Lie algebroid. It follows that any Lie groupoid C*-algebra may be regardedExpand
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Strict deformation quantization of a particle in external gravitational and Yang-Mills fields
An adaptation of Rieffel's notion of “strict deformation quantization” is applied to a particle moving on an arbitrary Riemannian manifold Q in an external gauge field, that is, a connection on aExpand
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