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Armed Conflict 1946-2001: A New Dataset
In the period 1946-2001, there were 225 armed conflicts and 34 of them were active in all of or part of 2001. Armed conflict remains a serious problem in the post-Cold War period. For three decades,Expand
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Monitoring Trends in Global Combat: A New Dataset of Battle Deaths
Both academic publications and public media often make inappropriate use of incommensurate conflict statistics, creating misleading impressions about patterns in global warfare. This articleExpand
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A Diamond Curse?
While territory, oil, and water are frequently mentioned as resources likely to promote interstate conflict, diamonds have emerged as a prominent factor in explanations of civil war. In this article,Expand
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Conflicts over shared rivers: Resource scarcity or fuzzy boundaries? *
Abstract Countries that share rivers have a higher risk of military disputes, even when controlling for a range of standard variables from studies of interstate conflict. A study incorporating theExpand
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Whither the weather? Climate change and conflict
Until recently, most writings on the relationship between climate change and security were highly speculative. The IPCC assessment reports to date offer little if any guidance on this issue andExpand
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Conflict Diamonds: A New Dataset
Natural resources, and diamonds especially, are commonly believed to play a significant role in the onset and duration of armed civil conflict. Although there is ample case study evidence thatExpand
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Armed Conflict and The Environment: A Critique of the Literature
Conflict over scarce resources, such as minerals, fish, water, and particularly territory, is a traditional source of armed struggle. Recently, wideranging claims have been made to the effect thatExpand
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Is climate change a driver of armed conflict?
The world is generally becoming less violent, but the debate on climate change raises the specter of a new source of instability and conflict. In this field, the policy debate is running well aheadExpand
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Shared rivers and interstate conflict
Abstract “The previous war in the Middle East was about oil, the next war will be about water.” Such predictions have been made regularly, and particularly with reference to the possibility ofExpand
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Climate change and conflict
Abstract The prospect of human-induced climate change encourages drastic neomalthusian scenarios. A number of claims about the conflict-inducing effects of climate change have surfaced in the publicExpand
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