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Root structure-function relationships in 74 species: evidence of a root economics spectrum related to carbon economy.
The findings of this study support the existence of a RES representing an axis of trait variation in which root respiration was positively correlated to nitrogen concentration and specific root length and negatively correlated to the root dry matter content, lignin : nitrogen ratio and the remaining mass after decomposition. Expand
Parameters to predict slope stability—Soil water and root profiles
Abstract A survey was conducted on five slopes of differing slope integrity along the North–South Expressway, Malaysia, to study the effects of vegetation on slope stability. Results showedExpand
Ecological mitigation of hillslope instability: ten key issues facing researchers and practitioners
BackgroundPlants alter their environment in a number of ways. With correct management, plant communities can positively impact soil degradation processes such as surface erosion and shallowExpand
The effect of plant succession on slope stability
The saturation level of the slope indicates the unsaturated condition of the soil which resulted in the enhancement of both soil penetrability and soil shear strength of the plot, and attributes reveal a strong positive relationship between the process of natural succession and the stability of slopes. Expand
The influence of hydrogen peroxide on the growth, development and quality of wax apple (Syzygium samarangense, [Blume] Merrill & L.M. Perry var. jambu madu) fruits.
It is concluded that spraying with 5 and 20 mM H( 2)O(2) once a week produced better fruit growth, maximising the yield and quality of wax apple fruits under field conditions. Expand
Physiochemical and Phytochemical Properties of Wax Apple (Syzygium samarangense [Blume] Merrill & L. M. Perry var. Jambu Madu) as Affected by Growth Regulator Application
The study showed that application of 50 mg/L GA3, 10  mg/L NAA, and 5‷5‷2,4-D once a week from bud development to fruit maturation increased the physiochemical and phytochemical properties of wax apple fruits. Expand
Pull-Out and Tensile Strength Properties of Two Selected Tropical Trees
A bioengineering technique is gradually being used as an alternative for slope stabilisation design. The effect of vegetation on soil strength, particularly in terms of root reinforcement aspects hasExpand
Fruit development, pigmentation and biochemical properties of wax apple as affected by localized Application of GA3 under field conditions
It was concluded that rubbing with 50 mg/L GA 3 /l significantly increased the fruit set, fruit length and diameter, color development, weight and yield and there was a positive correlation between the peel colour and TSS content and between the PAL activity and anthocyanin formation in the GA 3 -treated fruit. Expand
Physiological response of local rice varieties to aerobic condition.
Results indicated that MRQ74 has superior morphological and physiological characteristics in adaptations to aerobic condition. Expand