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Erbium-doped fiber amplifier pumped in the 950-1000 nm region
The pump wavelength dependence of the gain of an erbium-doped fiber amplifier pumped in the wavelength region 950-1000 nm is discussed. It is found that efficient gain at 1.557 mu m, between 25 andExpand
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64 Gb/s all-optical demultiplexing with the nonlinear optical-loop mirror
The first complete nonlinear optical-loop mirror demultiplexing experiments including error-rate measurements are reported. Broadband demultiplexing of 16-, 32-, and 64-Gb/s, 2/sup 15/-1 data wasExpand
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32 Gb/s optical soliton data transmission over 90 km
The authors demonstrate error-free optical soliton transmission at 32 Gb/s over 90 km of dispersion-shifted fiber. Fiber loss was compensated for by using diode laser pumped Er/sup 3+/-doped fiberExpand
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High-gain and high-efficiency diode laser pumped fiber amplifier at 1.56 mu m
Gain of an erbium-doped amplifier was optimized for operation at 1.56 mu m, resulting in gains of up to 20 dB and slope efficiencies of 0.66 dB/mW. The amplifier is plug compatible with existingExpand
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1.3 mu m semiconductor laser power amplifier
The performance of a 3.4-Gb/s system using a low-power 1.318- mu m distributed-feedback (DFB) laser transmitter and a traveling-wave semiconductor laser power amplifier is studied. The -14.5-dBm,Expand
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High output power single longitudinal mode graded index separate confinement multiple quantum well InGaAs/InP distributed feedback (GRIN SCH MQW DFB) lasers
A high continuous-wave (CW) output and high quantum efficiency of 1.5 mu m-wavelength InGaAs/InP graded-index separate-confinement multiple-quantum-well DFB lasers were demonstrated. A thresholdExpand
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4 Gb/s soliton data transmission over 136 km using erbium doped fiber amplifiers
The use of semiconductor-laser-pumped erbium-doped fiber amplifiers and an externally modulated mode-locked external-cavity semiconductor laser to obtain soliton data transmission at 4 Gb/s over 136Expand
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Generation and cancellation of second-order harmonic distortion in analog optical systems by interferometric FM-AM conversion
The generation of strong harmonic distortion from interferometric FM-AM conversion in analog lightwave systems is demonstrated both theoretically and experimentally. The effect results from theExpand
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Monolithically integrated InGaAs-P-I-N InP-MISFET PINFET grown by chloride vapor phase epitaxy
The authors report the preparation and performance of a monolithically integrated InGaAs p-i-n detector InP metal-insulator-semiconductor field-effect transistor (PINFET) receiver. The device wasExpand
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Luminescence decay and injected carrier lifetime in the high injection region of AlGaAs lasers
Luminescence decays following short current pulse excitation of an antireflection coated AlGaAs laser diode have been measured. Using an optical gating technique, decays in the high injection regionExpand
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