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Purification and properties of invertase from a glutamate-producing bacterium
Abstract Invertase was purified from the cell extracts of the glutamic acid bacterium ( Brevibacterium divaricatum ) by ammonium sulfate fractionation, batch theatment with DEAE-cellulose, and columnExpand
Correlation Between the Protease Activities and the Number of Epithelial Cells in Human Saliva
It was found that the oral prophylaxis reduced the numbers of epithelial cells and leukocytes and the protease activity and it was possible to conclude from the results that a main source of salivary protease is the epithelial Cells in saliva. Expand
Vinigrol, a novel antihypertensive and platelet aggregation inhibitory agent produced by a fungus, Virgaria nigra. I. Taxonomy, fermentation, isolation, physicochemical and biological properties.
Vinigrol decreased arterial blood pressure of anesthetized normotensive rats dose-dependently when administered intravenously and inhibited platelet activating factor and epinephrine induced platelet aggregation. Expand
[The origin of the salivary protease correlated with calculus index].