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We present a new Subaru/HiCIAO high-contrast H-band polarized intensity (PI) image of a nearby transitional disk associated with TW Hydrae. The scattered light from the disk was detected from 0 ''.Expand
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Analysis and fit of the Fourier-transform microwave spectrum of the two-top molecule N-methylacetamide
Abstract The jet-cooled Fourier-transform microwave spectrum of N-methylacetamide (CH3NHC(O)CH3), a molecule containing two methyl tops with relatively low barriers to internal rotation, has beenExpand
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Far-infrared spectrum and ground state constants of methyl amine
Abstract The far-infrared spectrum of methyl amine has been studied in the region 40 to 350 cm −1 by Fourier transform spectroscopy with an apodized resolution of 0.005 cm −1 or better. Both the pureExpand
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1.3-μm DFB diode laser spectroscopy of 12C2H2
Abstract Two bands, a Σ-Σ band ( ν 1 + ν 3 + 2 ν 4 0 ) and a Δ-Σ band (( ν 1 + ν 3 + 2 ν 4 2 ) c ), of 12 C 2 H 2 were studied by means of near-infrared diode laser spectroscopy. Data from the twoExpand
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The Microwave Spectroscopy of Methyl Formate in the Second Torsional Excited State
The cis-methyl formate molecule is a well known molecule found in interstellar space. Recently, rotational lines of methyl formate in the first CH3 torsional excited state were observed in Orion KLExpand
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Near-infrared band of the nitrate radical NO3 observed by diode laser spectroscopy
We have analyzed the near-infrared band of NO3 observed at 7602 cm−1 by using diode laser spectroscopy. Most of the spectral lines were recorded using source-frequency modulation. Zeeman modulationExpand
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Further Analysis of the Fourier Transform Spectrum of the Antisymmetric Amino-Wagging Band of Hydrazine
Abstract The Fourier transform spectrum of the antisymmetric amino-wagging band of hydrazine has been extensively reanalyzed. About 1700 transitions from 18 subbands with K ′ from 0 to 6 were newlyExpand
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Group-Theoretical Treatment of Tunneling Splittings in the Methanol Dimer
Abstract Tunneling splitting patterns, selection rules, and effective B values for K = 0 rotational levels of the hydrogen-bonded methanol dimer are predicted from group-theoretical considerations, aExpand
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Microwave spectrum of methyl amine: Assignment and analysis of the first torsional state
Abstract The microwave absorption spectrum of methyl amine has been reinvestigated in the range from 7 to 90 GHz, with the aim of analyzing the first torsional state in more detail. By combining theExpand
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Fourier transform spectrum of the second torsional band of hydrazine
Abstract The far-infrared v = 2 ← 0 torsional overtone band has been studied by Fourier transform spectroscopy with an apodized resolution of 0.006 cm−1. About 800 pPK, pQK, rQK, and rRK transitionsExpand
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